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1907 Norcross Vibroplex Single Lever Transmitter Bug

Welcome to my website.

I am extremely honoured to say that I am now the director of ArtifaxBooks.

I was really interested in it since the age of 7, when my mother bought me a book about the Titanic and how the radio operator used morse code. I always have remembered his name, Jack Phillips. My dad as a young scout cadet learned morse code with a key made by himself.

Anyways, I like morse code and trumpets as well. I also play a few kinds of instruments as well. I might post a trumpet collection under the morse key collection but I am not really into it. I am also interested in old radios, typewriters and boaters.

This year 2016, I decided really take it seriously and here I am collecting keys and studying for a license. My previous hobby was repairing/collecting brass, particularly trumpets. I have polishing and metal work experience so I know how to do basic restoration with keys.

I constantly update my FOR SALE Page so check it out for any brass instruments or homemade morse keys (I will make my own homemade ones in 2017, hopefully…)


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-Xograph or F.A.Wilcox Bug