My Hat Collection

Hat Collection

1. Straw Boaters

Olney Headwear SM6 Boater- FOR SALE 

Olney has done a magnificent job at making boaters since the 1930s. They still continue their tradition till now. This was purchased  ‘The Hat Place’ (highly recommended vendor). Exceptional boater and one of kind Flower edged straw plait boater. Once used by George Arthur Dunn Company but now only Olney uses it.

Stetson Medalist Boater

This was from an estate in Richmond, Virginia. Apparently the only mens’ item found around the whole estate according to the seller. This boater was exceptional condition, with no cracks or any blemish. The sweatband was in excellent condition with no bends. It looked like if it was never worn. Sweatband is stamped, Lansburgh’s Department Store, Washington DC. Made around the 1950s.


Crofut & Knapp New York Straw Boater (In Restoration)

During the two years, I have only seen two C&K Straw boaters for sale including this one above. The poor thing wouldn’t get a home so I bought it. It was retailed by Rose & Katz, South Bend which I cannot find any info. The flipping of the sweatband revealed a discoloured paper tag marking 4 dollars. According to an existing Crofut & Knapp Boater advertisement it was retailed at 6 dollars so I suppose this one is an older one. The boater was fitted with a rare TRUSIZE sweatband adjuster, ancestor of the Bon-Ton-Ivy. It came with a rather tattered original ribbon which I will have to cut and repair.

It is in restoration.


Right: Crofut & Knapp, NY Straw Boater Ad


St Andrew’s College Boater by ‘The York Hat’ Company

This is a very special boater because I go to St Andrew’s College and historically, I believe I am very lucky to have my school’s boater. Boaters were terminated from the school uniform in 2007.

On 17th March 2017, it was the St Andrew’s College 100th year anniversary Founder’s Day. I wore this boater and an old Collegian approached me and we had a conversation. Mr David Soulsby (1968 Collegian) who was a boarder for 7 years at the College recalls the ‘cady’ (boater). He said that he wore it in the 60s with a thick blazer and cady, went to Knox Church every Saturday or Sunday. He also said that we were lucky for our light and slim blazer. The College Memorial Chapel was built in 1955 but it was demolished due to the earthquakes. The new Centennial chapel was built and opened in 2016.


Gamble & Gunn (Portsea Island) Ribbon Boater

While in London, I bought a boater which was on my wish list. I hoped to purchase a vintage Dunn & Co or a Ridgmont but that got out of hand so I decided to buy a Gamble & Gunn which I spotted early in the year. I received it and was totally amazed. The quality of the boater was astonishing. It was much more better than an Olney. The ribbon was specifically made by Toye Kennings-Spencer which produces ribbons for Her Majesty the Queen in England. A definite looker.

This boater was used in the Great Gatsby film, worn by Leonardo DiCaprio. Most people fail to locate the boater worn by Leonard DiCaprio but I found it for those who may be interested.